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Top 5 Must Dos For ATM Safety & Lighting.

Use these five tips and this survey to be sure your ATMs up to date with lighting and safety requirements.

  • Are the lights on?

    With the changing of the seasons, are your lighting timers adjusted to come on at the proper time? Are all of the fixtures functioning properly, are bulbs burned out, ballasts in need of replacing? Are the solar photocells functioning properly?

  • Approach Paths

    All possible approach paths to the machine must be well lit and provide an open environment where your customers will feel safe and secure.

  • Corner of Building Nearby?

    If the ATM is located near the corner of a building, the area along the adjacent wall must be well lit up to 40 feet at least.

  • Landscaping and Vegetation

    To help mitigate the risk of potential robberies or assaults, all mature vegetation should be trimmed to within 60 feet of the ATM

  • Adequate Number of Fixtures

    When repurposing facilities…existing lighting may be insufficient to meet current codes, or, more importantly, to keep people safe while using your ATMs during the night. Additional fixtures and even repositioning exiting ones may be necessary.